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5 Betting Strategies You Can Use to Maximize Winnings

The client of the bookmaker, who is just starting his journey in the world of gambling and sports betting, treats this game as entertainment. Bets are made without a specific system, and favorites are chosen by big names or intuition. And only after several losses of their deposits, the player begins to understand that blind luck will not help to consistently earn money on bets. 

The essence of any strategy lies in the formation of rates on patterns. To discover the patterns of a particular sport, you need to spend a lot of time on analytical work. Most often, successful players adhere to the strategies of Kelly Criterion, D’Alembert, Martingale, correct score and Oscar’s Grind. We will comprehensively review each of them.

Strategies to Consider

Betting Strategies

Below is a list of betting strategies that you need to consider:

Kelly Criterion

The size of the bet directly depends on the amount of the deposit. If the bet fails then the size of the next one increases. If the bet is winning, then the size of the next one is reduced. The probability of an event outcome is determined by the player independently.


The size of the bet here also depends on the current deposit amount. If the player loses, then the next bet is increased by one. If the bet fails, then the next one is reduced by one unit. The size of the unit is not important and is entirely up to the player’s preference. For one unit, he can take any amount within the bookmaker’s limits.

Oscar’s Grind

This strategy is based on the principle of geometric progression. Winning and losing bets are represented by two equivalent cycles. In a losing streak, bet sizes remain relatively small. As soon as the winning cycle begins, the size of the bet increases. For betting, results of approximately the same probability with odds greater than 2 are used. Bets in one cycle are made until a profit is made. After winning, the bet is increased by one.

Correct Score

With the right approach, guessing the exact score of a match is real. Most often, players choose sports for such bets, where there are not so many options for correct scores – these are football, volleyball, tennis or hockey. Football is in particular demand among fans of guessing the exact score. More than 50 percent of matches end in one of five outcomes in this sport – from 0:0 to 2:1. Analysis of statistical data helps players to reduce the number of possible options.

Martingale Strategy

sports Betting

The principles of this strategy are identical to the above mentioned ones. However, the exception is that each next bet is doubled. The following strategy came to the world of sports betting from casinos. Most often, it was used on roulette, where the probability of falling red and black is the same.


Any strategy that we have mentioned in this article does not guarantee constant winnings to players. You should understand that there are risks associated with them and with the correct approach you can significantly increase your winnings.

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